River roach and bread punch.

I couldn’t resist as the weather today was beautiful. After my physio session I headed for the river. I was set up by 1pm and decided to use one of my homemade Sarkanda reed floats. Bait today was a loaf of Warburtons thick cut toasty, with a 9mm Bread punch. and a little dark mix of groundbait to be lobbed in every half hour.

Within 10 mins of starting the float dipped, a quick strike and the first feisty roach is netted. A beautiful pristine specimen. The shoal seemed to of homed in on my groundbait which was a sweet nutty mix. A steady flow of roach were being caught and I must say a nicer stamp too. I was hoping that Mr pike would stay away.

During my session, before placing the next roach into the keepnet, I stopped and held it. Turning it over on both sides, admiring it’s beauty. Perfect condition, each scale in place, with a tinge of blue/purple, bright orange eye and red fins. They are the most beautiful sliver fish in my books. The roach continued to feed in bursts but as time went on I was loosing more daylight.

Gathering a handful of dried twigs and pine cones from my bag that I had been drying from last year. Lighting the fuel I boiled some water in my good old ghillie kettle, not soon after, I hear the whistle on the kettle begin to sing gently like a roller canary, and warning me that the water had boiled.

Whilst enjoying my beverage I sat back and looked at my ledger rod. I had been trying my luck with a some spam and cheese paste, hoping to catch a nice chub. Not a sniff all afternoon. I waited until the pheasants went up to roost, then put my head torch on and packed away.

Not today Mr Chub….


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