Race against time

I took my acolyte 14ft float rod, a pouch of maggots, large bread punches and some spam. The last time I stalked for a particular species was over 20yrs ago.

In the past few weeks I had seen some chub activity in this stretch of the river, so it was only a matter of time before I visited it.

After many failed attempts of no indication of fish, I reached a stretch of river that was wider and the flow slower, much slower. My gut feeling was telling me I might be in luck here.

A pinch of red maggots thrown downstream eventually showed some interest. I could see those large mouths sucking the maggots down. A perfectly rounded piece of spam came out of the 11m punch which I placed onto a size 14 hook. I gently lobbed the float out slightly upstream. It settled and cocked, slowly making it’s way towards the baited area. Nothing, it floats straight passed them. I reeled in and repeated the process. Nothing! A third, fourth and fifth attempt nothing! Frustration was settling in and It was beginning to get dark, however the neon tip on my float helped a little with my vision.

I lob the float out for the sixth attempt, it cocks and heads for the baited area. Whoosh! Float dips down and away. The next 4 minutes felt like 40. This chub put it’s head down and took me on a wild goose chase. My rod bucking to and fro soaking up every lunge he threw at it. I held my position with the rod held upright over my right shoulder, gently taking him away from cover. I can feel he’s starting to tire, making it easier for me to control his unpredictable movements. I’m making progress and have him in front of me, a rod length away. He makes one final half hearted attempt slapping his tail and tried to lunge into the reed beds below my feet, I turned him away for one final time whilst my rod escorted this muscular specimen into my landing net. He was absolutely covered in weeds from head to tail and when I was unhooking him, his mouth was full of those tasty little red maggots.

I was losing light and sadly I wasn’t going to get a chance for another. 🎣


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