Virgin Water

I fished a stretch of water today that has been un-fished for many years. I’ve scouted this stretch for a while, Its very hard to get to and a lot walking is involved to get there. There is no sign of man in this area. My final investigative inquiry was to call the council who confirmed that no club owns the stretch of river and fishing is permitted. So with all the boxes ticked, I hit it.

Parking the truck and carrying one rod, landing net, unhooking mat and a small rucksack filled with tasty sandwiches and terminal tackle, I began my long walk. Stopping every so often, watching the squirrels running up the trees, startled that they’ve seen a human-being.

When I arrived at the location, I chose my first swim. I had to rummage around thorn bushes, untangling caught line from my rod and unhooking the landing net off the thorns and twigs to get to the waters edge. This was going to be repeated all day. Each chubby area I found I had to quietly make a small enough gap for me to enter. Most areas I could only undercast as it was so overgrown. I’m scratched from head to toe and I was still taking out thorns from my gloves, hat and boots when I got home.

I covered the size 6 hook with a large piece of bread flake, and lobbed it in beside the big fallen willow tree. My swan shots took a few seconds to settle. I didn’t have to wait long. My quiver tip bounced and curved and I was Into my first fish. It felt solid instantly and then a scatty jig from left to right. It didn’t feel like a chub at all. I then saw a flash of a large silver body. I initially thought it was a feisty bream, until I eventually got it to the top and saw its bright orange fins. I landed it with a huge smile on my face, and disbelief. What a fine roach. I placed it on the unhooking mat, took out the hook that was placed firmly in the top lip, and in excitement I shouted “YES!” I knew he was going to be over the 2lb mark. I catch many roach and have had them near to that mark, but this particular one one had a very large girth and it’s the biggest that I’ve ever caught. I was the over the moon. It has taken me (minus the long break from fishing) 24yrs to catch one over the 2lb mark. He weighing in at 2lb 2oz. Just about made it!

What a great start. I continued on roving, looking for those chubby swims and then making suitable small gaps for myself to squeeze through. I didn’t want to leave big noticeable areas just incase someone finds them.

I didn’t get a sniff at any of the cheese paste and this stuff really stinks, however bread flake this season hasn’t let me down. I banked seven chub in total with most of them being over the 3lb mark and four chublets well over a good pound. I lost three chub, two bounced off the hook during the battles and one in cover. I know there’s decent sized chub and of course roach in here, so I’ll be back there very soon.

I’ve also attached a small video clip to not only show you how overgrown it is, but whilst waiting for a take, have look at who was passing through the thorn bushes opposite me.

You may have to zoom in


4 thoughts on “Virgin Water

  1. WOW!!! What a fantastic find – like the gold at the end of a rainbow!
    All you need to do now is send me the OS map co-ordinates… LOL!

    And congrats on that PB roach … excellent!
    Not only a great discovery made re the water but a superb one ….. esp with those chub too…

    Like an early Xmas present to yourself! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Yes definitely a great Christmas surprise thanks to… haha hold on the co-ordinates are… 😀 No I’m truly over the moon. The chub were great to catch and the ones I lost felt s decent size so I’ll definitely go back when the sun isn’t out 👍


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